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Magoffin County 4-H Excels at KY State Fair Horticulture Contest

The Magoffin County 4-H community is celebrating an impressive showing at this year’s Kentucky State Fair Horticulture Contest, which took place on August 21, 2023. The event witnessed a remarkable performance from both senior and junior teams, showcasing the dedication and expertise of these young horticulture enthusiasts.

The senior team, consisting of talented members Daylin Patrick, Bella Dunn, and Avery Preston, demonstrated their remarkable skills and determination as they secured an admirable third-place finish in the highly competitive statewide contest. Their success stands as a testament to their commitment to the art and science of horticulture, and their achievement has brought pride not only to themselves but also to the entire Magoffin County community.

The senior team also earned individual awards as follows: Daylin Patrick earned a blue ribbon award, Bella Dunn earned a red ribbon award and Avery Preston earned a white ribbon award.

These talented young ladies certainly earned their accolades.

In a wonderful debut that turned many heads, the junior team members Brody Chapman and Aiden Bingham showcased their budding horticultural talents. Their efforts were rewarded with well-deserved white ribbon awards, demonstrating their potential and enthusiasm for the field. Their entry into the competition marks the beginning of what could be promising horticulture careers, and their accomplishments at such an eventful fair serve as a source of inspiration for other aspiring young horticulturists.

The Magoffin County 4-H program has consistently fostered a spirit of learning, growth, and competition among its members. The dedication of these young individuals, as showcased at the Kentucky State Fair Horticulture Contest, exemplifies the values of hard work, teamwork, and a passion for excellence that are central to the 4-H values. As the community rejoices in their achievements, the future of horticulture in Magoffin County appears to be in very capable hands.

The success of Magoffin County’s 4-H members at the Kentucky State Fair Horticulture Contest serves as a reminder of the potential that lies within the youth of today. Their achievements not only bring recognition to their own talents but also shine a spotlight on the enduring spirit of innovation and dedication that drives the community forward.

Magoffin 4-H would like to also express thanks to others who made this year’s Kentucky State Fair such a success. Russell Sparks, retired agriculture and natural resources agent and dedicated horticulturalist, provided invaluable training for our team. His vast knowledge along with his volunteerism and mentorship continue to bring pride to the community. 4-H Council members also deserve recognition for the success of these youth by providing guidance and financial support for the trip to the fair. Finally, a huge thank you to the parents and families of the team for all you do!

For more information on becoming involved in Magoffin County 4-H, contact our office. We look forward to working with the community, volunteers and our youth in the coming program year.

Magoffin County Extension Office
Stefaine Back
Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development
Kentucky State University
PO Box 349
Salyersville, KY 41465
606.349.3219 office
606.568.5929 cell

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