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Rescue on Cow Creek

SALYERSVILLE – A woman from Ohio had to be rescued after falling and breaking her leg while walking up a hollow on Cow Creek.

Arbadella Reed explained to the Independent the woman and her family often come and stay in a camper on the property, with her family coming from that area.

“They’re from Ohio and don’t know anyone around here, really, so we try to look out for them,” Reed said about her and her son, Cory Cravens.

The woman and her adult son were walking along the creek bed Saturday and were returning back to their camper since it was starting to get dark out, when she stepped on a rock and slipped, breaking her leg in three places.

They quickly called 911 and Magoffin County Rescue Squad was dispatched to Cow Creek, but Cravens heard the call on the scanner and headed that way, as well.

Her son used the chainsaw he had with him to cut trees to make a path for the rescue squad and after the rescue vehicle blew a tire on the rough terrain, rescue crews used Craven’s ATV to transport her to the landing zone.

The Ohio woman was flown to Pikeville Medical Center, where she underwent surgery for her injuries. In total, she had broken three bones in her leg.

Reed and Cravens commended the rescue squad for their swift actions to rescue and transport the woman for needed medical treatment.

The woman, identified as Meranda Jacobs Focht, was released from the hospital earlier this week and made sure to visit Reed and Cravens before heading back to Cincinnati, thanking them and the rescue squad for their care and patience in removing her from the hollow.

“She said never once did they say anything negative,” Reed said Focht told her about the rescue team. “We are glad that God answers prayers and we have good people that give of their time to help others. So, God bless Magoffin County Rescue Squad for their time and dedication in helping others.”

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