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Three new cases reported this week

SALYERSVILLE – Three new COVID-19 cases were reported in Magoffin since last press day.

To date, 1,075 people have tested positive for COVID-19 from Magoffin County, three since last week’s paper printed. The death rate stands at 20 COVID-19 related deaths in Magoffin, which includes the deaths reported from the Salyersville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

The Magoffin County Health Department is still taking appointments of anyone over 18 years of age for COVID-19 Moderna vaccine, with prime doses (the first of two doses) being given out next Thursday. People can call the Magoffin County Health Department at 606-349-6212 to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine.

Walgreens is also taking appointments for the vaccine, with people able to go online at to schedule their first and second appointments for the Pfizer vaccine. People will have to fill out a brief questionnaire to determine eligibility and make or sign into their Walgreens account to schedule the appointments.

Also available in this region, people can still call or go online to get on the vaccine list at any of the following providers: Paul B. Hall Medical Center, Highlands ARH, Pikeville Medical Center, Kings Daughters in Ashland, ARH West Liberty and Saint Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead.

As it stands, the CDC has released that the vaccines are effective for at least six months, but studies are still being done to determine the full time of effectiveness.

With the governor announcing how many vaccinations are required to relax COVID-19 restrictions in the state, Shepherd estimated 30% of Magoffin County’s population is now vaccinated. The national average is 25%, he said.

As vaccinations are slowing down throughout the region, Shepherd urged everyone to get the vaccine before it gets harder to find a vaccination site.

“It’s going to be a lot more difficult as we go along,” Shepherd said. “You may have to travel or go somewhere else and it’s only going to get harder to get it.”

With the sharp decrease in hospitalizations and severity of symptoms, Shepherd said the local numbers are showing that the vaccines work.

“You still have to wear a mask if you’ve been vaccinated, but if you’re in close contact with someone that has to be quarantined, you won’t have to be quarantined,” Shepherd explained another good reason to sign up to be vaccinated. “The positive person will have to be quarantined, even if they have been vaccinated, but you can still go about your merry way.”

Shepherd also explained that having the virus once does not make people immune to catching it, again, with the CDC stating that it will generally protect the person for up to 90 days, though there have been at least two cases in Magoffin County where people have tested positive for the virus, again, less than 90 days after having COVID-19.

He also noted that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are very effective with all strands of the coronavirus, and that even when someone does contract the virus, they likely will not require hospitalization.

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