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Fallen Soldier Honored: Orville Conley

The Magoffin County Fiscal Court, Magoffin County Veterans Committee, and the Salyersville DAV held a road dedication ceremony on July 29, honoring Private Orville Conley, a Magoffin County man who died in battle in Italy during World War II. In April, the Magoffin County Fiscal Court passed a resolution, seen here, ceremoniously naming a section of Old Burning Fork Road after Conley. Photo from KEVIN HOWARD


Magoffin Co. Fiscal Court Resolution No. 2023-10


WHEREAS, the Magoffin County Fiscal Court wishes to recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by Private Orville Conley to his country; and

WHEREAS, Orville Conley was born March 15, 1915, in Peach Orchard located in Breathitt County, Kentucky; and

WHEREAS, Orville Conley enlisted in the United States Army in the early part of 1943. After completing his training, he was assigned to the United States Army 36th Division. When Private Conley arrived in Italy, he was with the Commander General Walker. Their mission was to cross the Rapidor River and break the last natural barrier between the German and General Clark Fifth Army and Rome. The Germans were well positioned, and this was a fierce battle. The unit was trying to cross on rubber boats and narrow bridges made of boards. After days of fierce fighting and many casualties, they fought heroically and broke the barrier and were able to take control of the area.

WHEREAS, in those fierce battles Private Conley lost his life on April 18, 1944. Private Conley was awarded the Purple Heart and many commendations for his heroic actions.

WHEREAS, Private Orville Conley’s body was never recovered. Private Orville Conley lays in peaceful sleep in the hands of the Supreme Commander.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that Old Burning Fork (CR-1100), located on Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway Extension, KY Route 460, in Magoffin County, Kentucky, from mile point 0.00 to mile point 0.513, be forever known as Private Orville Conley Memorial Road.
Done this 18th day of April, 2023

Magoffin Co. Judge/Executive Matthew C. Wireman
Magistrate Dist. 1 Darrell Ray Howard
Magistrate Dist. 2 Eddie Jenkins
Magistrate Dist. 3 Samuel P. Bailey, Jr.

Attest: Renee Arnett Shepherd, County Clerk

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