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Fire department remembers former sergeant

MIDDLE FORK – Middle Fork Volunteer Fire Department lost one of its founding members with the death of Wayne Allen, who passed away at the age of 72 on September 10.

Floyd Rowe Jr., also one of the founding members of the Middle Fork Volunteer Fire Department, told Mortimer Media Group on Wednesday after the funeral, “Eighteen years ago was when we came into existence. We had a meeting at the old Middle Fork school. A bunch of us in the community wanted to get a fire department, so it was voted on and we got it in, and everybody got in line to sign up. Wayne Allen was one of them. His unit number is 804, so I assume he was the fourth one in line to put his name down. I’m 810, so I was probably the tenth one. That’s how we came into existence.”

“Wayne Allen has been a member from day one of the fire department,” Rowe said. “Wayne was a leader and everyone looked up to him. He had a lot of wisdom, and he was sergeant on the fire department for years and everybody nicknamed him ‘Sarge.’”

For the last seven years, Rowe said Allen had been dealing with more medical issues, moving into the role as an honorary member, but was still held in high regard by the fire department members.

“He drove the trucks, he showed up on the scenes, he helped fight fires, run the hoses, and done a lot of work behind the scenes,” Rowe said of Allen’s service. “There’s a lot of stuff you do for the community in the fire department and Wayne was right there all the time when he was at his peak and his health.”

Rowe said Allen has been missed since he had to quit in his active role.

“He put in so much effort to keep the fire department going and just the thoughts of him not even being with us anymore, it hurts,” Rowe said.

For the full obituary of Allen, see page A4.

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